Informative Articles

Longsiekte in beeste
Hoekom ons dit moet monitor.
Brucellosis in cattle
A diagniostic nightmare . . .
Understanding Anaplasmosis (gallsickness)
Gallsickness is primarily spread by ticks, causing fever, progressive anaemia
(blood loss) and icterus.
Biliary in Dogs
Information for pet owners about biliary fever in dogs.
Vaccination of Your Pet – Nicety or Necessity?
Many pathogenic organisms that have been discovered decades ago still exist today in the animal kingdom. Apart from causing diseases, these organisms are remarkable opportunists by virtue of their high multiplication rates and genetic mutations. This explains why apparently novel infectious agents appear periodically . . .
Nobilis® Vaccination Series, edition 1 (pdf 950Kb)
Drinking Water Vaccination in poultry
Stocksense (pdf 2000kb)
Somatic milk cell count
Karoo Paralysis Tick
As you know, Karoo paralysis occurs in certain geographical areas in winter and may lead to serious losses . . .
Enzootic Abortion in Sheep
Enzootic abortion (sometimes called Chlamydiosis) was relatively unknown in the country until 1972 whereby there was a massive outbreak of abortions and stillbirths in ewes. In some flocks . . .
Control of Bovine Viral Diarrhoea on a Farm
The history of Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) virus dates back as far as the late 1940’s. Olafson and associates described a gastro-enteritis with severe diarrhoea in dairy herds in New York State in 1946. Today BVD infections are seen in all ages of cattle throughout . . .